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2 Inflammation Calculator reports for $133.
Knowing what is going on in your body is experiencing the power of health in your hands. The Inflammation Calculator (IC) report offers you insight as to what is going on in your body and the IC Scores and Strategies booklet helps you determine what to focus on. Many of you are following the guidelines and having your second IC report completed 2 - 4 months after the first one, to see how your body is responding. You all have been so excited about your changes and continue to share our offerings with your friends.Thank you! We want to offer you and all your friends a special deal on our IC report. Get two reports at 25% off! That's right, two reports and you decide when you get them completed for $133.
electroLYTES Solution 16oz

6 bottles $180.
8 bottles $240.
Lyte3 electrolyte powder 2.1 oz (60 grams)

6 containers $168.
8 containers $224.
Magnesium Plus 90 capsules

6 bottles $168.
8 bottles $224.