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After your purchase of the Inflammation Calculator,
we will email you to confirm the information needed to order a blood draw requisition. We will email you the blood draw requisition as soon as we have it available. You will then print it and bring it to a nearby LabCorp facility to have the draw completed.
The lab will send us the results once they have processed.
We will then send you a copy of your Inflammation Calculator report, An example is above. You will need to read through the IC Scores and Strategies blooklet located on our Articles page. The booklet will help you understand your results and offer recommendations based on your results.
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United States Only
Not available in New York or New Jersey
Labs completed at a LabCorp locations
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Together they offer a
complete mineral package!

All products sold on this site are free of artificial colors, preservatives,
sweeteners, starch, sugar, gluten, yeast, soy, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nuts and GMOs.

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IC DISCLAIMER: Lynne August holds a doctor of medicine (MD) degree from Washington University.  She retired from the practice of medicine and no longer holds license to practice medicine.  The Inflammation Calculator is strictly information for your evaluation.  The IC does not constitute medical advice, nor does it substitute for proper medical care. You are encouraged to confirm the accuracy of any information here with other sources, including your medical doctors.  Neither Lynne August nor Health Equations are liable for any indirect, consequential, special, exemplary or other damages arising from your use of this educational service. By purchasing the IC you are awknowleding this disclaimer, agreeing to use the IC for your own health evaluation and not as a medical treatment and absolve Lynne August and Health Equations of any legal or medical responsibilities.
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