Dr. Lynne August

Lynne August, founder and director of Health Equations, is an exceptional educator, researcher, and consultant who has engaged thousands of health professionals and individuals in the art and science of “cultivating health according to nature.”

Dr. August was one of the first holistic physicians in the country, graduating from Washington University School of Medicine in 1973.  Following her internship in pediatrics, she trained in internal medicine and obstetrics and gynecology at Cook County Hospital in Chicago.During 12 years in private practice, she successfully integrated conventional and alternative medicine, and also served on the board of the American Holistic Medical Association. In 1987, Lynne retired from the practice of medicine in favor of cultivating health and emphasizing prevention.

Recognized as a pioneer in nutritional medicine, Dr. August began her clinical research on hyperinsulinism and diabetes while in medical school, and her practice of holistic medicine in 1978. The five years she spent under the tutelage of the late Dr. Emanuel Revici – the world renowned researcher of “non-toxic (lipid) chemotherapy” – combined with Lynne’s decade as a biological farmer immersed in soil science, are the main inspirations for her innovative work with blood chemistry and nutrition.

Founder and Director Health Equations
   Offering health consulting and nutritional evaluations since 1990.
   Preventing or managing chronic disease and aging by fortifying the 
   Four Pillars of Health:
    * Hydration   * Tissue/Cell Cholesterol   * Tissue mineralization   * Robust Digestion

Founder and President Health Equations Research, Inc.
    A nonprofit organization dedicated to research in therapeutic lipids and public and professional education about lipids and dietary fats.
    1996 – present

Director, Biosocial Medical Center, Medford, OR 1980’s
    Provided innovative and multidisciplinary evaluations and therapies for children with developmental, learning and behavioral disabilities.

American Holistic Medical Association, Board of Directors, 1980’s


  • Terrain Analysis, after Reams and Enderlein
  • Electro Acupuncture, after Voll
  • Environmental Medicine
  • Orthomolecular Medicine
  • Anthroposophical Medicine

Tutelage: Emanuel Revici, MD 1982 – 1990
    Emanuel Revici, MD (1897-1998) was a world-renowned clinical investigator whose seminal work in lipids spanned last century. He applied quantum chemistry     to his understanding of lipids and their role in pathology as well as in the body’s defense. Dr. Revici discovered the role of lipids in regulating oxygen,     electrolyte and mineral metabolism. His laboratory and clinical research led to his non-toxic therapeutic lipids that proved effective for cancer, pain,     cardiovascular disease, AIDS, addictions and more.

Tutelage: Elizabeth Kubler Ross, MD, pioneer near-death studies

Tutelage: Frances Farrelly
, intuitive and radionics expert

Tutelage: Helen E. Nash, MD, pioneer in pediatrics

Biological Farming

  • Provides soil testing and chromatography as basis for innovative analysis of blood chemistry.
  • Restores the microbial life of soil.
  • Increases mineral and phytonutrient content of plant and animal food.
  • Confers natural resistance to disease to plants and animals that eat them.

Equestrian Therapeutic Riding, 2010 to present
    Therapeutic riding for children with special need and vets with PTSD.

Health Equations Blood Test Evaluation, 1990 to present
    Based on an original algorithm, the Blood Test Evaluation is an exquisitely sensitive detector of risks, imbalances and deficiencies rarely recognized or     detected by conventional or functional tests. It is a computerized analysis of a chemistry profile, lipid panel and CBC designed to identify and correct     problems before symptoms and disease occur.

Electrolyte Formulas
A database of over 27,000 Blood Test Evaluations demonstrates that most people are dehydrated. Correction of dehydration is essential for all other therapies,     diets and lifestyle modifications to have substantial and lasting benefits. The HEq Electrolyte Formulas hydrate cells, increase the charge on cell membranes,     deliver nutrients to and remove wastes from cells and thereby improve cell function and energy production.

Magnesium Plus
    Magnesium Plus is a proven and effective delivery system that carries magnesium directly to the site of absorption in the small intestine. This innovative     delivery system ensures all the magnesium gets absorbed. Unabsorbed magnesium from commonly used magnesium chelates and salts interfere with the     absorption of other vital nutrients.

Quantum Coolant
    A therapeutic lipid based upon and developed according to the research of Dr. Revici. Quantum Coolant offers protection from radiation, healing of     damage caused by radiation and decreased inflammation in autoimmune diseases.


  • Royal Lee, DDS
  • Weston A. Price, DDS
  • Melvin E. Page, DDS
  • Francis M. Pottenger Jr, MD
  • William Albrecht, PhD