Quantum Coolant
Of all the inflammatory fatty acids leukotrienes are the most virulent.  Leukotrienes cause irreversible damage to membranes, DNA and cholesterol.   Severe damage from radiation is due to the extraordinary amounts of leukotrienes released when exposure occurs.  Lesser amounts of noxious leukotrienes, released by toxins, trauma or infections, also permanently damage cells and tissues at sites of inflammation.  
And, leukotrienes are responsible for tissue and gland damage in autoimmune disease, such as rheumatoid arthritis and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.
Lipids in Quantum Coolant bind and disable leukotrienes, and arrest their propagation.
The select lipids in QC are derived from organically-fed Jersey cow butterfat.  Dr. Emanuel Revici (1897– 1998) first documented the ability of this particular lipid extraction to minimize damage from radiation exposure more than seventy years ago.  There is no evidence in the medical/scientific literature indicating that this specific lipid fraction has ever been recognized and used for radiation protection and healing since Dr. Revici’s discovery.
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