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Do NOT Artificially Lower Cholesterol with Statins!
I can think of no circumstance when high cholesterol itself was ever the problem. However,
I can think of plenty of cases when high cholesterol pointed to the problem. High Cholesterol
often indicates inflammation in tissues, including coronary arteries, and that is certainly a

Statins artificially lower cholesterol. Artificially lowering cholesterol is no different than pulling the fuse to turn off a warning light on your car’s dash. The indicator light goes out but risk of irreparable engine damages increases. Similarly, artificially lowering cholesterol pulls the fuse
on the body’s high cholesterol alert signal, and guarantees mounting risk of irreversible heart disease, stroke and cancer.

The danger of low cholesterol is not new. Almost 30 years ago, the most prestigious medical journal in the US, if not worldwide, published the all-cause death rates for the corresponding cholesterol levels.*

Cholesterol is an anti-inflammatory. High cholesterol is not only an indicator that the body is
defending against inflammation, it may be the only indicator of inflammation in routine blood
tests. High cholesterol in response to inflammation in tissues will naturally decrease once the
cause of the inflammation is removed. To lower cholesterol while the defense is still critical
serves only to fan the flames of inflammation.
a chart comparing Total Cholesterol Level with regards to All-Cause Death Rate per 10,000 from the New England Journal of Medicine 1989
*New England Journal of Medicine 1989 (April 6, pp. 904-909)
Q: Why do statins reduce morbidity and mortality from heart disease? Why are statins beneficial in Alzheimer’s?
A: If you think it’s because they lower cholesterol think again. It is because they are an anti-inflammatory!  That’s the good news.
Q: Why are statins so dangerous?
A: By lowering cholesterol they remove your best defense against inflammation!
Q: Why do statins decrease memory and cognitive function?
A: The brain (which contains about 25% of the body’s free cholesterol) is where low cholesterol is associated with memory loss, declining cognitive function and Alzheimer’s.
Most chronic disease, including heart disease and Alzheimer’s, begins with inflammation.
The sooner the inflammation can be detected and its cause removed the better your health.
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