Flame Quell 8 bottle
Flame Quell 8
Flame Quell 8 is anti-inflammatory fatty alcohols. Unlike FQ+, which neutralize fatty acids in tissues, the much longer carbon chains in FQ8 fatty alcohols work at deeper levels than those in FQ+. They work at the nuclear level, binding to nuclear receptors that regulate gene expression. 

FQ8 inhibits the expression of various pro-inflammatory genes. It also decreases the expression of genes that synthesize pro-inflammatory fatty acids from carbohydrates. Further, FQ8 increases the expression of genes that burn brown adipose tissue, the type of fat that accumulates in obesity. 

Dr. Revici used similar long chain fatty alcohols in patients with high cholesterol. Cholesterol binds to and neutralizes pro-inflammatory fatty acids. In many cases, high cholesterol is caused by excess pro-inflammatory fatty acids. FQ8 fatty alcohols decrease cholesterol by decreasing pro-inflammatory fatty acids. 

Although not entirely confirmed by scientific research, it is possible that FQ8 activates, interacts with, or inhibits many nuclear receptors. 

Take FQ8 a dropper at a time.  Allow if to dissolve in you mouth for two minutes before swallowing. Take 15 minutes before or after food or drink. Take it as many times a day as needed for your benefits.
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