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Inflammatory fatty acids are necessary and good. Inflammation rids the body of a splinter, an allergen, a virus or bacteria, a toxin and torn fibers of a muscle or ligament. Too many fatty acids, however, can delay healing. A stubbed toe stays red and swollen. A cough persists when all other symptoms of a cold are gone. Too many fatty acids can also cause pain, the pain from trauma, a headache and an arthritic joint.

Consider cholesterol, a positively charged alcohol that can accumulate in arterioles. It accumulates when there is a tear, often from a toxin, to the endothelium, the delicate lining of arterioles.  Fatty acids respond, then cholesterol forms a scar when binding the fatty acids.  Too many toxins and too many fatty acids result in too much scarring known as atherosclerosis.

Suggested Use: Maximum dose to alleviate symptoms of inflammation is two droppers in water, three times a day or advised by a knowledgeable health care provider. Alternatively, empty dropper into the large end of a #00 capsule, close with small end and swallow with water or beverage.
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