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How Much Water?
How Much Salt?

Q: How much water should I drink? How much salt should I eat?

A: The answers are quite simple. Drink water according to your thirst and eat natural Celtic Sea Salt according to your taste.

Q: What does it mean if I do not have a taste for salt and/or water?

A: If you do not want salt or if you have an aversion to salt, you are deficient in salt. The same is true for water. Lack of thirst is a certain sign that you are dehydrated. The further the chemistry is out of balance the less taste can be trusted.

Q: What do water and salt have to do with the body chemistry?

A: The body is mostly made of salt water. The body chemistry IS “the living flow of body fluids.” Active water, moving water, is alive. “Where water is deprived of rhythm and can no longer flow freely it begins gradually to grow weary and die.”, according to Theodore Schwenk, in his book, Sensitive Chaos. Salt is the primary activator and mover of water. The concentration of salt in our extracellular fluid is the same as the concentration of salt in the ocean.
“I come from the sea… from the place between sky and deep…The sea is a living music… It is all music… I am a part of the long story.”
                                                                       - from The Music of Dolphins
                                                                                 by Karen Hesse

Q: What if I don’t want water or like water? What if I don't like Electrolyte Powder in water?

A: Add two scopes of Celtic Sea Salt ® Electrolyte Powder to an 8 oz. glass of water two to three times a day. Your thirst for the needed water will gradually kick in.  If you do not like the taste of the Electrolyte Powder, put it in a small amount of water, take that as a shot followed by the glass of water. You will acquire a taste as you replenish your body.

Q: What if I don’t want salt or what if I don’t like salt?

A: Start by eating a little more salt than you currently use. Then keep increasing the amount you use a little at a time. Never use so much salt that it ruins the taste of the food or the pleasure of the meal. Keep increasing your salt intake until you desire salt. Once you have a taste for salt, FOLLOW YOUR TASTE! If you are indeed salt deficient, you may use a lot of salt for a while. Once your body is replenished you might find your salt use decreasing. When you follow your taste your salt use will vary, from day to day and season to season. It will also depend on the foods that you are eating and your water intake.

Q. What if I have a craving for salt or water?

A. Dehydration drives both aversions and cravings for salt and water.  If you have a craving for salt you likely need more water.  If you have a craving for water you likely need more salt.  In either case, add two scopes of Celtic Sea Salt ® Electrolyte Powder to 8 oz. water two to three times a day, to restore your water and electrolyte balance.
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