Liquid Light
We’re eager to introduce you to our new supplement, Liquid Light. The monatomic elements in Liquid Light explain its potency - its ability to boost mental and physical energy; vanish aches and pain in some; increase mental clarity and focus in others; and generally increase immunity, strength, and stamina. 

Monatomic elements were discovered 50 years ago. In the early 1970s, an agricultural chemist in the United States discovered a white powdery substance derived from volcanic rock whose elements could not be detected by analytical instruments. While searching scientific literature, he found an analytical procedure that was developed and used in Russia. Working with an analyst, they ran tests according to the Russian methodology. This white powder turned out to be monatomic elements of gold and monatomics of seven other elements. 

While the shiny gold metal we are familiar with is a lattice of innumerable gold atoms bound together, monatomic gold is a white powder of single unbound gold atoms. Mon in monatomic means one, therefore monatomic is a single atom.

The monatomic elements in the volcanic rock were created from their metals by fire, the extreme heat of volcanoes. Monatomic elements are also created when the extreme electron volts of lightning strike their metals. 

Monatomic elements are inert. They are chemically inactive and therefore safe to ingest. Although inert, monatomics can be charged. Monatomics can receive a lightning-volt size charge. Once ingested, as that charge gradually dissipates, our blood oxygen increases as does our cellular oxidation. Oxidation turns our food and nutrients into heat and energy while it eliminates cellular wastes and toxins. That charge also accelerates the flow of electrons in mitochondria which increases our electromagnetic field, our EMF, and most significantly photons, light particles, generated by the EMF.

Our cells not only communicate via chemicals and electricity but also through the exchange of light particles, or photons. Light can carry more and actually “more pure” information than chemicals or electricity. Monatomic elements are superconductive and, therefore, change our bodies at the cellular level into superconductors of a greatly increased flow of photons throughout our organs, muscles, and tissues – even our brain and nervous system. Charged monatomic elements in water are in a sense “liquid light” themselves. 

Monatomics occur throughout nature. In addition to volcanic rocks, traces are found in seawater, mineral ores, soil, brain and nerve tissues, muscles, herbs, and vegetables.

The agricultural chemist who discovered monatomics mentioned above-analyzed metals in brain tissue taken from a pig and a cow. Over 5% of the brain tissue by dry matter weight were two monatomic elements - rhodium and iridium. He wrote, “The elements are flowing the light of life in your body…and produce the aura around our bodies.” 

There are two monatomic elements in LL - iridium and rhodium.

In 2011 and 2012 what is now called LL was tested on 2000 patients in hospitals in China: *Men and women patients ages 21 – 75 with high blood pressure took 8 drops of LL in a glass of water two times a day for 2 months. Both high systolic and diastolic blood pressures returned to normal.  

*Male patients ages of 50 – 75 having hair loss and/or white hair were given LL for four months. After taking LL the areas of lost hair had some baby hair growing back and white hair turned light gray and black.
*Arthritic pain in knees and shoulders lessened or disappeared with LL
*More than 600 patients had improvements in their digestion after taking LL and were then able to have a daily bowel movement.
*More than 600 elderly patients were observed to attain deep and restful sleep following taking LL for a few days. Prior to taking LL, patients had restless light sleep.

Unfortunately there are no publications of these studies. The data is held by the Chinese military. It was communicated verbally by a trusted source to the chemist who makes LL for us.

So I asked Doc (Doc is my fond name for the chemist I have worked with for almost 30 years) why aren’t monatomics used in the US? He explained they were tested by the FDA some time ago and were not found to have any measurable effects 24 hours after they were ingested. Regrettably, the FDA appears to have no interest in or understanding of health and wellness! 

LL has been compared to other products that increase oxygen.  LL surpasses all others in the quantity and bioavailability of oxygen it provides. LL alkalizes while others acidify. LL increases energy more than others. Controlled studies demonstrate a wide array of symptoms alleviated by LL beyond those already mentioned: depression, irritability, memory loss, fatigue, tumors, infections, muscles aches, circulation problems, bronchial problems, and acid stomach. 

Take 8 drops LL in a glass of water twice daily. There are no additional benefits from taking more. Please note: use of metal or exposure to sunlight reduces the charge and effects of LL. 

Please be sure to let us know your results. Thank you!
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