Lipid-bound Sulfur
Lipid-bound Sulfur (LbS) can manage the pain, swelling and stiffness of osteoarthritis. Although known as age related “wear and tear” arthritis, more accurately it is a chronic degenerative disease, one of many chronic degenerative diseases.

Chronic degenerative diseases are appropriately called “diseases of civilization”.  That is, they are the result of modern lifestyles… LbS relieves symptoms and slows progression of osteoarthritis and chronic degenerative disease.

Destruction occurs in all chronic degenerative diseases, destruction of a tissue, organ or vital bodily function. Cartilages in osteoarthritis, myelin sheaths of nerves in Multiple Sclerosis, arterial linings in strokes and heart attacks, the thyroid gland in Hashimoto’s and Grave’s disease, joints in rheumatoid arthritis, the immune system in diabetes and obesity and microglia and other immune cells in Alzheimer’s.

Leukotrienes cause the destruction of tissues, organs and vital functions. “Leuko” refers to white blood cells that make leukotrienes and “trienes” refers to the three double bonds in their carbon chain, a configuration that makes them a dangerous peroxide. Leukotrienes are good too, they are essential to killing viruses and bacteria. In excess however, they destroy tissues, organs and glands. When running amok they are a tornado, and lethal, apparent in deaths from Covid. 

Lipid-bound Sulfur (LbS) oxidizes and destroys leukotrienes. 

Suggested Use: Maximum daily dose to reduce symptoms and progression of chronic degenerative disease is one dropper twice daily or advised by a healthcare provider.

Empty dropper directly onto food or into mouth. Alternatively, empty dropper into the large end of a #00 capsule, close with small end and swallow with water or beverage. If product is thick or cloudy, set the bottle in hot water for 30-60 seconds before use.

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